Thursday, January 2, 2020

Cardinals Winter League Notebook 1-2-2020: Liarvis Breto, Ildemaro Vargas, Rafael Ortega, & Wilfredo Tovar All Given Permission To Play In LVBP; Edgard Montiel Named 2019 LBPN All-Star; Genesis Cabrera Pulled From LIDOM

Mexican Pacific League Playoffs:

Thursday's Games:
Mochis (32-36) visits Jalisco (37-25) @ 8:00 PM CST
Monterrey (22-39) visits Obregon (42-21) @ 7:10 PM MST
Mazatlan (31-36) visits Hermosillo (38-27) @ 7:30 PM MST
Mexicali (31-29) visits Culiacan (35-29) @ 7:35 PM MST

Dominican League Round Robin:

Genesis Cabrera (St. Louis-Licey) has been pulled from pitching anymore in LIDOM: Grandes en lso Deportes Twitter

Thursday's Games:
Escogido (3-3) visits Licey (4-2) @ 7:15 PM AST
Cibaenas (2-4) visits Azucareros (3-3) @ 7:30 PM AST

Venezuelan League:

Ildemaro Vargas (former Springfield-Lara) will join Lara for the postseason: LVBP Official Site

Yonathan Sivira (former Quad Cities-Lara hitting coach) has been working as hitting coach for Lara: El Emergente

Liarvis Breto (MiLB signing-Caribes) and Rafael Ortega (former Memphis-Caribes) have received permission to play in postseason: El Emergente

Wilfredo Tovar (former Memphis-Caracas) will rejoin Caracas for the postseason: El Emergente

Nicaraguan League Round Robin:

Arizona signed 20-year old Elian Miranda (Chinandega) after winning MVP for the regular season: La Prensa

Edgard Montiel (former DSL-Chinandega) was named to 2019-20 All-Star team: La Prensa

Thursday's Games:
Rivas (1-3) visits Chinandega (3-2) @ 6:00 PM

Panama League Championship:

Thursday's Game:
Chiriqui: Astronauts (12-9) visits Federals (14-7) @ 7:00 PM

Australian Basbeall League:

Shane Robinson (former St. Louis-Melbourne) started in centerfield and batted second.  1-for-4 with one run and one strikeout.

Melbourne beat Sydney 9-2

Friday's Games:
Geelong-Korea (9-16) visits Auckland (13-12)
Sydney (10-15) visits Melbourne (14-11)
Brisbane (10-14) visits Perth (15-9)

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