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Cardinals Winter League Notebook 1-5-12

Venezuelan League Round Robin

Joe Thurston (former St. Louis-Lara) started in left field and batted seventh.  2-for-4 with one triple and one two-out RBI.
Richard Castillo (Springfield-Lara) entered in the seventh and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or runs, and struck one out. (p-s:9-6)(g/f:0-2)

Caracas beat Lara 6-5 in 10 innings
LVBP Official Site Post Game

Ugueth Urbina (Free Agent) has been working out with Caracas and may be added to the active roster: Lider

Saturday's Games:
Zulia (1-1) visits Lara (1-2) @ 6:00 PM VST
Caracas (1-1) visits Caribes (1-1) @ 7:00 PM VST

Mexican Pacific League Playoffs

No Games Scheduled For Friday

Minnesota plans to scout Cubans Dariel Alvarez and Aledmys Diaz: ESPN

Saturday's Games:
Mexicali (2-0) visits Mazatlan (0-2) @ 6:00 PM MT
Guasave (0-2) visits Obregon (2-0) @ 6:00 PM MST
Culiacan (2-0) visits Hermosillo (0-2) @ 7:00 PM MST

Veracruz League

Francisco Rivera (former Palm Beach-San Andres) scored a couple runs as San Andres beat Oluta 10-2: LIV Official Site Post Game

Dominican League Round Robin

Fernando Tatis (former St. Louis-Escogido) started at third base and batted eighth.  2-for-4 with one stolen base and grounded into one double play.

Hector Luna (former St. Louis-Aguilas) started at third base and batted third.  1-for-4 with one double, one two-out RBI, one walk, and two strikeouts.
Luis Perdomo (former Springfield-Aguilas) entered in the eighth and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits, one earned run, and two walks. (g/f:3-0)(ir-s:2-0)

Escogido  beat Aguilas 5-3
LIDOM Official Site Post Game

Omar Javier (former Johnson City-Estrellas) started and pitched 5.2 innings.  He allowed five hits, one earned run, one home run, three walks, and hit two batters.  (g/f:7-5)

Estrellas beat Azucareros 3-2
LIDOM Official Site Post Game

Oscar Taveras (Springfield) and Antonio Bastardo (Philadelphia) have both been pulled from playing with Aguilas: Aguilas Official Site and Listin Diario

New York-A pulled Kelvin Perez from pitching for Mazatlan in the Mexican Pacific League after spending the winter with Cibao.  There were rumors he was kidnapped: Listin Diario

Saturday's Games:
Estrellas (2-5) visits Escogido (4-3) @ 5:00 PM AST
Aguilas (4-3) visits Azucareros (4-3) @ 7:30 PM AST

Puerto Rican League Playoffs

Anthony Garcia (Quad Cities-Carolina) started in right field and batted sixth.  1-for-4 with one home run, one RBI, and one run.

Mayaguez beat Carolina 6-2

Luis Mateo (Quad Cities-Caguas) started at shortstop and batted ninth.  0-for-2 with one walk and one strikeout.

Caguas beat Santurce 8-1
El Nuevo Dia Post Game

Ramon Vasquez (former Memphis-Manati) is one of a handful of players interested in playing in the Puerto Rican Double-A League: Primera Hora

Everything has been resolved with payments to players from Manati: El Nuevo Dia

Saturday's Games:
Caguas (3-0) visits Santurce (0-3) @ 7:15 PM AST
Mayaguez (3-0) visits Carolina (0-3) @ 7:15 PM AST

Nicaraguan League

Gustavo Martinez (former GCL-Boer) pitched a third of  an inning allowing one hit, two runs, three walks, threw one wild pitch, and struck one out.

Curt Smith (former Springfield-Chinandega) 3-for-6 with three home runs, six RBIs, and three runs.

Chinandega beat Boer 18-11
LNBP Official Site Post Game

The Nicaraguan Superior League will allow players from professional teams to play: La Prensa

Saturday's Games:
Chinandega (25-21) visits Boer (21-26)
Leon (22-25) visits Granada (25-21)

Colombian League

Julian Tavarez (former St. Louis-Barranquilla) started and pitched four innings.  He allowed four hits, three earned runs, one walk, hit one batter, and struck two out.

Barranquilla beat Monteria 6-4
El Heraldo Post Game

Ronald Ramirez (former Palm Beach-Cartagena) entered late in the game at shortstop.
Javier Brito (former Memphis-Cartagena) started at first base and batted third.  1-for-4 with three strikeouts.
Jolbert Cabrera (former Memphis-Cartagena) started in left field and batted fourth.  2-for-4 with two doubles, one RBI, one run, and one strikeout.

Cartagena beat Sincelejo 5-4

Saturday's Games:
Cartagena (16-15) visits Monteria (17-14)
Sincelejo (10-21) visits Barranquilla (18-12)

Panama League

Marlon Sucre (former DSL-Cocle) entered late in the game in the outfield and batted sixth.  0-for-1 at the plate.

Cocle beat Herrera 11-0

Saturday's Games:
Cocle (6-8) visits Panama (6-7)
Herrera (7-7) visits Chiriqui (8-5)

Australian League

Saturday's Results:
C.J. Beatty (former Palm Beach-Brisbane) started as designated hitter and batted sixth.  0-for-3 with one strikeout.

Melbourne beat Brisbane 2-0
Melbourne Official Site Post Game

Geoff Klein (Palm Beach-Sydney) started at catcher and batted fifth.  1-for-4 at the plate.
Wayne Lundgren (former Palm Beach-Sydney) entered in the sixth and pitched two innings.  He allowed two hits, two earned runs, and one home run. (p-s:24-19)(g/f:5-1)

Adelaide beat Sydney 9-4

Sunday's Games:
Perth (17-15) visits Canberra (21-10) @ 12:00 PM ET
Brisbane (14-18) visits Melbourne (12-21) @ 1:05 PM ET
Sydney (18-15) visits Adelaide (15-18) @ 1:00 PM ET

Former Cardinals

Texas has signed Lance Berkman (former St. Louis): Fox Sports

Toronto does not plan to rework any contract with Darren Oliver (former St. Louis): Toronto Official Site

Current Cardinals

Matt Carpenter (St. Louis) continues working at second base: St. Louis Official Site

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