Friday, October 12, 2018

Cardinals Winter League Notebook 10-12-18: Xavier Scruggs Doubles & Drives In Two Runs; Tommy Edman Singles Twice, Walks Three Times, & Knocks In One Run; Lane Thomas Walks Twice

Korean Baseball Organization:

Xavier Scruggs (former St. Louis-NC) started as designated hitter and batted fifth.  1-for-3 with one double and two RBIs.

Doosan beat NC 13-2

Saturday's Games:
KT (58-82-3) visits Doosan (92-50) @ 3:00 AM
LG (67-75-1) visits SK (78-64-1) @ 3:00 AM
Lotte (67-73-2) visits Kia (70-73) @ 3:00 AM
NC (58-84-1) visits Hanwha (76-67) @ 3:00 AM
Nexen (75-68) visits Samsung (67-72-4) @ 3:00 AM

Arizona Fall League:

Tommy Edman (Memphis-Surprise) started at second base and batted leadoff.  2-for-4 with one two-out RBI, one run, three walks, two stolen bases, and assisted in one double play.
Lane Thomas (Memphis-Surprise) started as designated hitter and batted fifth.  0-for-4 with two walks, one hit by pitch, one stolen base, and one strikeout.
Jeremy Martinez (Springfield-Surprise) started at first base and batted eighth.  1-for-4 with one hit by pitch, two strikeouts, and assisted in one double play.

Surprise beat Glendale 10-9 in 10 innings
MLB Official Site Post Game

Friday's Games:
Glendale (0-3) visits Surprise (2-1) @ 12:35 PM MST
Mesa (2-1) visits Peoria (2-1) @ 12:35 PM MST
Salt River (2-1) visits Scottsdale (1-2) @ 6:35 PM MST

Mexican Pacific League:

Hector Villalobos (State College-Mochis) pitched in Mochis' 8-7 win over Culiacan in preseason play: LMP Official Site

Friday's Games:
Navojoa (0-0) visits Culiacan (0-0) @ 10:10 PM MT
Hermosillo (0-0) visits Mexical (0-0) @ 11:30 PM PT

Venezuelan League:

Rangel Ravelo (Memphis-Lara) is set for the starting lineup in right field and Nestor Molina (former MiLB signing-Lara) arrived in Lara camp: LVBP Official Site

Wilfredo Tovar (Memphis-Caracas) is scheduled to start at shortstop and Anthony Garcia (former Memphis-Caracas) in left field: LVBP Official Site

Jose Godoy (Palm Beach-Caribes) is one of two catchers listed on Caribes opening day roster and team awaits arrival of Rafael Ortega (former Memphis-Caribes): El Emegente

Friday's Games:
La Guaira (0-0) visits Caracas (0-0) @ 1:00 PM VET
Margarita (0-0) visits Lara (0-0) @ 5:00 PM VET
Aragua (0-0) visits Magallanes (0-0) @ 5:30 PM VET
Zulia (0-0) visits Caribes (0-0) @ 6:00 PM VET

Dominican League (October 13, 2018):

Raul Valdes (former St. Louis-Azucareros) and Angel Castro (former Memphis-Azucareros) are set for the Azucareros rotation and Jacob Wilson (former Memphis-Azucareros) at third base: Azucareros Official Site

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