Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Cardinals Winter League Notebook 1-2-19: Pedro Rodriguez Named LVBP Closer Of The Year; Maikel Cleto Strikes Out Two Over One Hitless/Scoreless Inning For The Win; Juan Gonzalez Named Manager For Cidra In Puerto Rican Double-A League

Mexican Pacific League Playoffs:

Hector Villalobos (State College-Mochis) entered in the eighth and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or runs.  (p-s:8-5)(g/f:0-3)

Irving Lopez (Palm Beach-Hermosillo) entered late in the game at second base.
Jaime Garcia (former St. Louis-Hermosillo) started and pitched two innings.  He allowed four hits, five runs (two earned), two walks, hit one batter, and committed one throwing error for the losing decision (0-1).  (p-s:49-27)(g/f:2-4)

Mochis beat Hermosillo 12-1
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Yefri Perez (former MiLB signing-Obregon) started at second base and batted second.  0-for-3 with one walk.
Maikel Cleto (former St. Louis-Obregon) entered in the ninth and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or runs, and struck two out for the winning decision (1-0).  (p-s:11-9)(g/f:1-0)

Obregon beat Mazatlan 3-2
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Wednesday's Games:
Mazatlan (0-1) visits Obregon (1-0) @ 8:10 PM CT
Mochis (1-0) visits Hermosillo (0-1) @ 7:30 PM MT
Jalisco (0-1) visits Culiacan (1-0) @ 7:35 PM MT

Venezuelan League:

Pedro Rodriguez (former MiLB signing-Magallanes) was named Closer of the Year: El Emergente

Dominican League Round Robin:

Wednesday's Games:
Estrellas (3-4) visits Escogido (4-3) @ 7:15 PM AST
Licey (2-5) visits Azucareros (5-2) @ 7:30 PM AST

Colombian League Round Robin:

Wednesday's Game:
Cartagena (0-0) visits Sincelejo (0-0) @ 7:00 PM

Australian Baseball League:

Thursday's Games:
Geelong-Korea (5-23) visits Adelaide (14-14) @ 6:00 PM ACT
Auckland (9-19) visits Brisbane (16-12) @ 6:00 PM AEST
Sydney (20-8) visits Canberra (15-13) @ 7:00 PM AET

Puerto Rican League Round Robin:

Juan Gonzalez (former MiLB signing) was named Cidra manager for the 2019 Double-A League season: El Nuevo Dia

Wednesday's Game:
Santurce (0-0) visits Mayaguez (0-0) @ 7:10 PM AST

Nicaraguan League Playoffs:

Wednesday's Games:
Boer (0-0) visits Chinandega (0-0) @ 6:30 PM

Panama League Championship:

Wednesday's Game:
Herrera (2-0) visits Metropolitanas (0-2) @ 7:00 PM

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