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Cardinals Winter League Notebook 12-13-16: Gabriel Lino Hit .189 With One Double, One Triple, & Two RBIs In 17 LVBP Games; Ronny Cedeno Named LVBP Player Of The Week; Edgar Gonzalez Named Jalisco New Manager In LMP

Venezuelan League:

Ildemaro Vargas (former Palm Beach-Lara) started at second base and batted leadoff.  1-for-4 with one two-out RBI, one walk, and one caught stealing.

Lara beat Caracas 6-2
LVBP Official Site Post Game

Gabriel Lino (MiLB signing-Lara) has played in 17 games going 7-for-37 (.189) with one double, one triple, two RBIs, ten total bases, two runs, one walk, 11 strikeouts, .205 OBP, .270 SLG, and .475 OPS.  He was removed from the Lara active roster on November 19, 2016.

Wilfredo Tovar (MiLB signing-Caracas) was away from the team with a family emergency: LVBP Official Site

Asdrubal Cabrera (New York-N) plans to debut with Caracas on Thursday: LVBP Official Site

Ronny Cedeno (former MLB signing-Magallanes) was named LVBP Player of the Week: Magallanes Official Site

Tuesday's Games:
Caribes (27-25) visits Margarita (26-25) @ 7:00 PM VET
La Guaira (25-25) visits Caracas (21-28) @ 7:00 PM VET
Aragua (22-26) visits Zulia (28-23) @ 7:00 PM VET

Venezuelan Parallel League Championship:

Gerwuins Velazco (Palm Beach free agent-Caracas) entered in the ninth and pitched one inning.  He allowed three hits, two earned runs, one home run, and one walk.

Caracas beat Lara 11-7
Caracas Official Site Post Game

Tuesday's Game:
Lara (0-1) visits Caracas (1-0) @ 11:00 AM ET

Mexican Pacific League:

Niko Vasquez (former Springfield-Navojoa) has played in 27 games going 33-for-94 (.351) with seven doubles, six home runs, 23 RBIs, 58 total bases, 18 runs, 15 walks, one stolen base, 29 strikeouts, .446 OBP, .617 SLG, and 1.063 OPS.
Randy Arozarena (MiLB signing-Navojoa) has played in 49 games going 55-for-182 (.302) with seven doubles, two triples, 16 RBIs, 66 total bases, 33 runs, 15 walks, 16 stolen bases, 30 strikeouts, ten caught stealing, .396 OBP, .363 SLG, and .759 OPS.
Luis Garcia (former New Haven-Hermosillo) has played in 30 games going 21-for-72 (.292) with three doubles, six home runs, 19 RBIs, 42 total bases, nine runs, five walks, 13 strikeouts, .329 OBP, .583 SLG, and .912 OPS.
Efren Navarro (Memphis free agent-Hermosillo) has played in 44 games going 46-for-181 (.254) with six doubles, one home run, 22 RBIs, 55 total bases, 13 runs, 18 walks, one stolen base, 29 strikeouts, .315 OBP, .361 SLG, and .619 OPS.
Carlos Soto (DSL-Mochis) has played in two games going 1-for-4 (.250) with one total base, two strikeouts, .250 OBP, .250 SLG, and .500 OPS.
Iker Franco (former Springfield-Culiacan) has played in 26 games going 19-for-81 (.235) with three doubles, four home runs, 11 RBIs, 34 total bases, nine runs, six walks, 20 strikeouts, .287 OBP, .420 SLG, and .707 OPS.
Dean Anna (former St. Louis-Hermosillo) has played in 18 games going 15-for-67 (.224) with four doubles, four RBIs, 19 total bases, 11 runs, ten walks, 14 strikeouts, .325 OBP, .284 SLG, and .608 OPS.
Irving Wilson (GCL-Culiacan) has played in 27 games going 11-for-50 (.220) with two doubles, two home runs, three RBIs, 19 total bases, ten runs, 17 strikeouts, .220 OBP, .380 SLG, and .600 OPS.

Ramon Delgado (former Memphis-Jalisco) has made 20 relief appearances posting a 1-1 record, 3.71 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, and two holds.  He's allowed 31 hits, 11 earned runs, two home runs, three walks, and struck 15 out over 26.2 innings.

Edgar Gonzalez (former Memphis) was named manager of Jalisco: XEU Deportes

Tuesday's Games:
Obregon (26-26) visits Jalisco (21-31) @ 7:15 PM CT
Mexicali (29-24) visits Navojoa (29-24) @ 7:30 PM MST
Mochis (29-24) visits Culiacan (27-26) @ 7:30 PM MT
Mazatlan (21-32) visits Hermosillo (29-23) @ 7:30 PM MST

Dominican League:

Alberto Rosario (St. Louis-Estrellas) entered late in the game at catcher.

Estrellas beat Cibao 3-2
LIDOM Official Site Post Game

Eugenio Velez (former Memphis-Azucareros) started in right field and batted seventh.  1-for-3 at the plate.

Escogido beat Azucareros 4-0
LIDOM Official Site Post Game

Tuesday's Games:
Cibaenas (21-20) visits Escogido (19-21) @ 7:15 PM AST
Licey (21-19) visits Estrellas (21-20) @ 7:30 PM AST
Azucareros (17-24) visits Cibao (22-17) @ 7:30 PM AST

Puerto Rican League:

Kevin Herget (Palm Beach) requested and was granted his release from Mayaguez: LBPRC Official Site

Dickie Joe Thon (MiLB signing-Aguadilla) has played in 12 games going 2-for-24 (.083) with two total bases, one run, one walk, eight strikeouts, one caught stealing, .120 OBP, .083 SLG, and .203 OPS.

Tuesday's Games:
Caguas (13-14) visits Carolina (12-18) @ 7:15 PM AST
Aguadilla (7-19) visits Mayaguez (17-10) @ 7:15 PM AST

Nicaraguan League:

Curt Smith (former Springfield-Chinandega) has played in 31 games going 44-for-116 (.379) with seven doubles, one triple, nine home runs, 28 RBIs, 80 total bases, 24 runs, 18 walks (two intentional), five hit by pitches, two sac flies, one stolen base, 18 strikeouts, grounded into two double plays, .483 OBP, .690 SLG, and 1.173 OPS.
Edgard Montiel (former DSL-Chinandega) has played in 32 games going 37-for-112 (.330) with six doubles, one triple, three home runs, 24 RBIs, 54 total bases, 23 runs, 13 walks (three intentional), three hit by pitches, three sacrifices, three sac flies, 16 strikeouts, grounded into four double plays, .418 OBP, .482 SLG, and .900 OPS.

Fidencio Flores (former GCL-Boer) has made eight appearances (seven starts) posting a 0-2 record, 5.09 ERA, and 1.67 WHIP.  He's allowed 42 hits, 21 runs (20 earned), six home runs, 17 walks, hit two batters, thrown one wild pitch, and struck 20 out over 35.1 innings.
Jhonny Polanco (former Springfield-Boer) has made 11 relief appearances posting a 1-0 record, 8.18 ERA, and 2.36 WHIP.  He's allowed 15 hits, ten earned runs, two home runs, 11 walks, hit one batter, thrown two wild pitches, and struck 11 out over 11 innings.

Tuesday's Games:
Granada (13-19) visits Boer (15-17) @ 6:00 PM
Rivas (18-14) visits Chinandega (18-14) @ 6:00 PM

Colombian League:

Ronald Ramirez (former Palm Beach-Barranquilla) has gone 6-for-53 (.186) with two doubles, one home run, three RBIs, two runs, five walks, one stolen base, one sac fly, eight strikeouts, one caught stealing, grounded into one double play, .186 OBP, and .208 SLG.

Jonathan Escudero (Palm Beach free agent-Barranquilla) has a 1-0 record and 0.00 ERA.  He's allowed five hits, no runs, five walks, thrown one wild pitch, and struck 12 out over 8.1 innings.
Ramon Ulacio (former GCL-Barranquilla) has a 1-1 record and 2.57 ERA.  He's allowed 28 hits, 11 runs (eight earned), one home run, five walks, hit two batters, thrown three wild pitches, and struck 20 out over 28 innings.
Jose Almarante (former Memphis-Sincelejo) has a 1-2 record and 2.82 ERA.  He's allowed 39 hits, 12 runs (11 earned), three home runs, one walk, thrown one wild pitch, and struck 25 out over 35.1 innings.
Jose Calero (former GCL-Sincelejo) has a 4-2 record and 3.41 ERA.  He's allowed 33 hits, 14 runs (12 earned), two home runs, 13 walks, hit five batters, thrown three wild pitches, and struck 14 out over 31.2 innings.
Enrique Perez (DSL-Barranquilla) has a 0-1 record and 13.50 ERA.  He's allowed two hits, one earned run, and one walk over 0.2 innings.

Edgar Renteria (former St. Louis) will receive the 2016 Life and Work Award: LCBP Official Site

Tuesday's Games:
Sincelejo (14-9) visits Cartagena (9-12) @ 7:00 PM
Barranquilla (10-12) visits Monteria (12-12) @ 7:00 PM

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