Friday, October 10, 2014

Cardinals Winter League Notebook 10-10-14: Jacob Wilson Singles & Drives In Two Runs; Silfredo Garcia Holds Three Inherited Runners On Base & Pitched One & A Third Hitless/Scoreless Innings; Jose Martinez Doubles & Drives In One Run

Arizona Fall League

Cody Stanley (Springfield-Peoria) entered late in the game as a pinch runner and took over at first base, batting sixth.  1-for-3 with one run and assisted in two double plays.
Jacob Wilson (Springfield-Peoria) started as designated hitter and batted eighth.  1-for-4 with one double, two two-out RBIs, two runs, and one hit by pitch.
Chris Perry (Palm Beach-Peoria) entered in the ninth and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or runs, and two walks.  (p-s:18-7)(g/f:1-0)

Peoria beat Scottsdale 11-2
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Friday's Games:
Salt River (2-1) visits Peoria (2-1) @ 12:35 PM MST - Tyrell Jenkins (Palm Beach-Peoria) is scheduled to start
Glendale (1-1) visits Scottsdale (1-2) @ 6:35 PM MST
Surprise (2-1) visits Mesa (0-2) @ 6:35 PM MST

Venezuelan League

Eliezer Alfonso (former Peoria-Margarita) started at first base and batted third.  0-for-5 with one strikeout.
David Peralta (former Johnson City-Margarita) started in right field and batted fifth.  1-for-3 with one double, one run, two walks, and one strikeout.
Silfredo Garcia (Palm Beach-Margarita) entered in the seventh and pitched 1.1 innings.  He allowed no hits or runs.  (g/f:4-0)(ir-s:3-0)

Margarita beat Magallanes 7-0
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Cesar Izturis (former St. Louis-Lara) started at second base and batted second.  1-for-5 with one two-out RBI, one strikeout, grounded into one double play, and assisted in one double play.
Joe Thurston (former St. Louis-Lara) started in right field and batted fifth.  1-for-3 with two strikeouts.

Zulia beat Lara 5-4
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Rafael Ortega (Memphis-La Guaira) started in centerfield and batted leadoff.  0-for-2 with one strikeout.
Alex Castellanos (former Springfield-La Guaira) entered late in the game as a pinch hitter and took over in cenerfield, batting leadoff.  0-for-1 at the plate.

Caribes beat La Guaira 3-2
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Jose Martinez (former Springfield-Aragua) started at second base and batted sixth.  1-for-4 with one double, one RBI, and assisted in one double play.

Tommy Pham (St. Louis-Caracas) started in centerfield and batted leadoff.  0-for-2 with one walk, one hit by pitch, and one strikeout.

Aragua beat Caracas 4-1
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Bobby Abreu (New York-N free agent) will join Caracas in November: Caracas Official Site

Eliezer Alfonso (former Peoria-Margarita), Ismael Brito (Johnson City-Margarita), Roberto Canache (former Johnson City-Caribes), Alex Castellanos (former Springfield-La Guaira), Silfredo Garcia (Palm Beach-Margarita), Cesar Izturis (former St. Louis-Lara), Krithiam Linares (former Springfield-Zulia), Jose Martinez (former Springfield-Aragua), Tommy Pham (St. Louis-Caracas), David Peralta (former Johnson City-Margarita), Jose Rada (former Springfield-Aragua), Pedro Rodriguez (former MiLB signing-Caribes), Eduardo Sanchez (former St. Louis-Aragua), Joe Thurston (former St. Louis-Lara), Cesar Valera (Palm Beach-Caribes), and Boone Whiting (Memphis-Caracas) made opening week active rosters: Lider

Eliezer Alfonso (former Peoria-Margarita) hopes to win a championship and is not aiming for home run record: Lider

Friday's Games:
Margarita (1-0) visits Caracas (0-1) @ 7:30 PM VST
Lara (0-1) visits Zulia (1-0) @ 7:30 PM VST
La Guiara (0-1) visits Caribes (1-0) @ 7:30 PM VST
Aragua (1-0) visits Magallanes (0-1) @ 7:30 PM VST

Mexican Pacific League

Luis Garcia (former New Haven-Hermosillo) scored one run as Hermosillo beat Obregon 6-5 in preseason play: Hermosillo Official Site

Friday's Games:
Mexicali visits Jalisco @ 6:00 PM

Dominican League (October 16, 2014)

Audry Perez (Memphis-Cibaenas) scores a run as Cibaenas beat Cibao 6-3: Cibaenas Official Site

Brad Penny (former St. Louis) will join Azucareros in November: Francisco Monegro Twitter

Raul Valdes (former St. Louis-Azucareros) reported to camp: Azucareros Official Site

Nicaraguan League (October 24, 2014)

Jhonny Polanco (Peoria-Boer) and Javier Colina (former Memphis-Boer) are expected on to be on hand for opening day with Boer: La Prensa

Puerto Rican League (October 30, 2014)

Juan Caballero (Johnson City-Carolina) is expected to make an impact this season: LBPRC Official Site

Tyler Herron (former Springfield-Mayaguez) and Luis Montanez (former Memphis-Mayaguez) look to help repeat: El Nuevo Dia

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