Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cardinals Winter League Notebook 10-14-14: Oscar Taveras To Play In Dominican In December; Jonathan Rodriguez To Man Hot Corner In Puerto Rico; Mitch Harris Srikes Out One & Picks One Runner Off Over One Scoreless Inning For The Hold

Arizona Fall League

C.J. McElroy (Peoria-Peoria) started in lef field and batted ninth.  0-for-1 with one walk, two hit by pitches, and two stolen bases.
Mitch Harris (Memphis-Peoria) entered in the sixth and pitched one inning.  He allowed one hit, no runs, one walk, struck one out, and picked one runner off for the hold (1).  (p-s:23-12)
Chris Perry entered in the ninth and pitched two inings.  He allowed two hits, no runs, one walk, and struck two out.  (p-s:35-20)(g/f:1-2)

Peoria and Glendale tied 2-2 after 11 innings
MLB Official Site Post Game

Tuesday's Games:
Scottsdale (4-2) visits Mesa (1-4) @ 12:35 PM MST
Glendale (1-3-1) visits Peoria (2-3-1) @ 6:35 PM MST
Surprise (3-3) visits Salt River (5-1) @ 6:35 PM MST

Miyazaki Phoenix League

Pete Parise (former Memphis-Island League) made an appearance in 9-1 loss to Chiba Lotte: Phoenix League Official Site

Venezuelan League

Jose Martinez (former Springfield-Aragua) started at second base and batted sixth.  3-for-5 with one double, one RBI, one run, one strikeout, and assisted in one double play.

Alex Castellanos (former Springfield-La Guaira) started at third base and batted leadoff.  One walk and one throwing error.
Rafael Ortega (Memphis-La Guaira) started in centerfield and batted second.  0-for-4 with one RBI.

Aragua beat La Guaira 10-1
LVBP Official Site Post Game

David Peralta (former Johnson City-Margarita) hopes to improve all aspects of his game: LVBP Official Site

Alex Castellanos (former Springfield-La Guaira) talks about his goals for the 2014-15 winter season: El Universal

Alex Castellanos (former Springfield-La Guaira) took a grounder to the face on a bad hop: Lider

Tuesday's Games:
Lara (1-3) visits Margarita (1-3) @ 7:30 PM VST
Magallanes (1-3) visits Caracas (2-2) @ 7:30 PM VST

Venezuelan Parallel League

Tuesday's Games:
Navegantes (1-1) visits Caribes (1-0) @ 10:00 AM VST
Boston (1-1) visits Cardenales (1-1) @ 11:00 AM VST
Caracas (1-0) visits Magallanes (0-1) @ 11:00 AM VST
Tiburones (0-0) visits Margarita (2-0) @ 11:00 AM VST
Lara visits (1-1) Tampa Bay (1-0) @ 11:00 AM VST
La Guaira (0-2) Caimanes (0-2) @ 11:00 AM VST
Aragua (0-1) visits Detroit (1-1) @ 11:00 AM VST
Seattle (1-0) visits Philadelphia (1-1) @ 11:00 AM VST

Mexican Pacific League

Tuesday's Games:
Hermosillo (2-0) visits Jalisco (1-1) @ 6:00 PM
Culiacan (1-1) visits Mochis (1-1) @ 7:30 PM MT
Navojoa (0-3) visits Mazatlan (2-1) @ 8:00 PM MT
Mexicali (1-1) visits Obregon (1-1) @ 7:30 PM MST

Dominican League (October 17, 2014)

Oscar Taveras (St. Louis-Cibaenas) intends to play in December to get in shape for the 2015 season: LIDOM Official Site

Puerto Rican League (October 30, 2014)

Jonathan Rodriguez (Memphis-Santurce) will begin the season at third base: El Nuevo Dia

Cuban League

Cuban officials thingk Jose Miguel Fernandez (Matanzas) and Lazaro Herrera (Matanzas) have escaped the island: El Nuevo Herald and Diario de Cuba

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