Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cardinals Winter League Notebook 1-19-16: Ronald Ramirez Singles & Drives In One Run; Eugenio Velez Walks & Knocks In One Run; J.C. Romero Faced Four Batters & Earned The Hold

Venezuelan League Playoffs:

Tuesday's Games:
Aragua (3-2) visits La Guaira (2-3) @ 7:00 PM VET
Caribes (3-2) visits Magallanes (2-3) @ 7:30 PM VET

Mexican Pacific League Playoffs:

Championship Begins On Wednesday

Dominican League Playoffs:

Eugenio Velez (former Memphis-Azucareros) started in left field and batted third.  0-for-3 with one RBI and one walk.

Escogido beat Azucareros 7-2
LIDOM Official Site Post Game

Championship Begins On Wednesday

Nicaraguan League Championship:

Tuesday's Game:
Granada (3-2) visits Rivas (2-3) @ 6:00 PM

Puerto Rican League Playoffs:

J.C. Romero (former St. Louis-Santurce) entered in the eighth and pitched to four batters.  He allowed two hits, no runs, and one walk for the hold (2).  (g/f:1-0)

Randy Ruiz (former MiLB signing-Mayaguez) started at first base and batted fourth.  1-for-4 and assisted in one double play.
Anthony Garcia (Memphis-Mayaguez) started in right field and batted sixth.  0-for-4 with two strikeouts.
Ruben Gotay (former Memphis-Mayaguez) entered late in the game at third base and batted ninth.  One walk at the plate.

Santurce beat Mayaguez 4-1
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Tuesday's Game:
Mayaguez (7-4) visits Caguas (4-6) @ 7:15 PM AST

Colombian League Championship:

January 17. 2016:

Ronald Ramirez (former Palm Beach-Barranquilla) started at shortstop and batted ninth.  1-for-3 with one RBI.

Barranquilla beat Monteria 4-2
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Tuesday's Game:
Barranquilla (2-0) visits Monteria )0-2) @ 7:00 PM

Veracruz League Championship:

Tuesday's Game:
Acayucan (3-1) visits Xalapa (1-3)

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