Friday, January 30, 2015

C.J. Beatty From Australia 2015 Blogpost #3

Well the time has come and the Australian Baseball Season has ended. We missed the barely missed the playoffs but this season for me and my team was a blast. Playing for the Brisbane Bandits again this season has made me into a better baseball player and person. We fought super hard to get to the playoffs but at times it felt like the opposing team had 45 players on defense hahaha.

I leave to go back to the USA in about a week and I am happy to officially start my 2015 season. I'm heading to White Sox spring training motivated to show them what I have learned over in Australia and hopefully they will see what I have to offer. I would love to make it to the big leagues one day but I am very thankful to have played in some amazing places already. God has put a talent inside of me and I plan to continue to use it to reach and inspire others.

Thanks for the support from all my Cardinals Family. I will love you always. You were the very beginning for me in my professional career. The "2 Red Birds" on the bat will always hold a special place in my heart. never know.....CJ "HOLLYWOOD" BEATTY may roam the outfield in Busch Stadium one day

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